Monday, September 23, 2019


Welcome to The Destiny Group Blog...

Well, when I say a's actually much more than that but at the same time, a little different to a conventional Blog.

It's goal: To help you and your team succeed.

It's purpose is to get information to those who need it. A guide to finding what you want is here.

Feel free to contribute! is the site you should bookmark, the central site from which all information will be linked. It will always have the definitive link to other resources, even if those resources move around.

Finally, this site is for you and your team - please make sure you let all your new people know about it - it'll save you a lot of work!!

To your success.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Latest News

Latest News

22nd September 2006: This Blog launched


Welcome to the new Destiny Group Blog!!

I have been trying to find the best way to provide as much help as possible to our team and I hope that this new format (i.e. a Blog) will prove to be useful and much quicker and easier to update.

I like the idea of it being interactive as well - I hope you feel the urge to contribute some time :-)

Please let me know what you think, I would welcome and appreciate any feedback, positive or negative through the comments. Feel free to make suggestions about what you'd like to see.

Friday, September 23, 2005

A little different...

Normally a Blog is a kind of online journal.

They're great because they allow anyone to set up an online diary that they can share with their friends or the world, no experience needed.

I want to be able to share information with the team but I don't want to spend hours working on a website - that's non-productive work.

While it isn't always the best way of putting a website together, using a blogging tool means I can put information up quickly, easily and from anywhere I have an internet connection.

Yes, I might be able to organise the information a little more logically in a custom website but it's not worth the extra work.

So, I hope you'll live with the quirks and appreciate that the main function of this Blog is to get information to those that need it.

To your success.


The main VWD site has all the information you need about this specific business.

What you'll find on this Blog is information on how to do the business, articles about MLM, ideas on how to promote your business and generally resources that will help you to be successful.

The Blog is a central hub for several other Blogs, each dealing with different aspects of being successful:

  • Know Your Why - a key aspect of becoming successful
  • Understand MLM - laying the foundations
  • Daily Method of Operation - where the rubber meets the road

Some of the information is generic - it applies to any MLM business. Other information is specific to our business.

Some posts have forged dates to make them appear at the end (less important) or near the top (more important).

To your success.


This Blog is the central one and links to the others.

On the right, at the top, you'll find the links to the other Blogs - each dealing with different aspects of the business.

You can always click on the main Blog logo at the top to get to the home page within a given Blog. You can always come back to the main Blog by clicking on 'Main Blog' on the right.

Some links will take you to another site when the information needs to be hidden from the general public. Holding shift while you click on a link will open the link in a new window so you don't lose your place in the Blog you're in.


This site is for you and your team.

I really welcome contributions from anyone in the team in the form of:
  • Comments - please feel free to add comments to any post
  • Suggestions - either by email or through the comments
  • Ideas for articles - by email
  • Report any broken links or problems with the site

The comments facility is for your convenience, saving you having to email (I get emailed your comment automatically). However, the intention is for the comments to provide feedback or be turned into posts, not necessarily to remain on the site indefinitely.

Depending upon the section, comments will be taken as feedback and used to improve the site or incorporated as posts. I don't want to censor but I do want to keep the site clean :-)

To your success